Happiness Spells

Day 8 of 30: Disappearing in the Air for Hours ft. Kayla Cagan

April 8, 2020
Today's spells were written by a friend of mine, Kayla Cagan -- a great writer, playwright and a thoughtful observer of the world we live in.
Kayla Cagan’s first book, PIPER PERISH received universal praise, was selected as an Amazon and Barnes & Noble Best Book of the Month, and was a Spirit of Texas High School Reading Program 2018 pick. Her second book, ART BOSS, was called “an engaging portrait of the artist as a young woman” by Kirkus Review and "a great read for any artist aspiring to greatness" by the American Library Association's Booklist. Her short plays and monologues have been published by Applause Books and Smith and Kraus and are performed in high schools across the country. She has contributed comics and essays to assorted collections, including Girl Crush Zine, Womanthology, and Unite and Take Over: Stories Inspired by the Smiths. 
You can find her online www.kaylacagan.com and on Instagram: @kayla_cagan_writer

Happiness Spells is a five minute list of happy and positive things, set to gentle music. Some serious. Some not so serious. A collection of thoughts, daydreams, feelings and reveries. Headphones on. There's nothing else like it.

This episode of Happiness Spells was written by Kayla Cagan, arranged, recorded and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Temecula, CA. The music in this episode is by Chris Zabriskie, used under a cc license.

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